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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Library of Congress, A portal To Knowledge, Gets A New Home Page.

Library of Congress, LOC, has got a new home page. I think it is very functional and as always providing needed information that we always rely on.
On most of our upcoming projects we rely on LOC information and resources for data that we can rely on.
Follow the link after the jump to enjoy the new Library Of Congress Home Page, A portal To Knowledge.
1 ) The Library’s current “header,” containing the Library’s logo, the Ask a Librarian, Digital Collections, and Library Catalogs buttons, and the main Search field, will be maintained.  This might change someday when a revised information architecture is put into place.
2 ) The top of the left column contains a rotating “carousel” of five graphics for events, information, or other featured content. The carousel changes automatically every five seconds, or users can click on the circular buttons to navigate or pause, and then click links to the specific content.
3 ) Below the rotating carousel is a set of links to content about the Library. These links include: The Library’s Mission, The History of the Library, Awards and Honors, Jobs and Fellowships, FAQs, Support the Library, and More about the Library.  In addition, there are sections below that for news and events, visitor information, and information about exhibitions.
4 ) At the top of the middle column, which describes “what we have,” is a set of selected collection highlights.  They are arranged by format, topic, or a user’s self-identified audience, such as librarians or teachers.
5 ) A shaded box for researchers highlights links to our catalogs and finding aids.
6 ) This section features videos about items in the Library’s collections and clips from concerts and events.  It uses use the Library’s new Flash-based video player, which includes closed captions and full-screen viewing capabilities.
7 ) The Explore and Discover section at the bottom of the middle column allows the Library to feature frequently updated informational and educational content. This section initially includes links for Today in History, Places in the News, the Wise Guide,,, and the Gateway to Knowledge website.
8 ) In the right column are the aforementioned, more prominent links to legislative information (THOMAS) and the functions of the U.S. Copyright Office, which is part of the Library of Congress.
9) The area below that has links to major Library programs and collaborative initiatives, listed in alphabetical order.
10) Rounding out the right column, the Services area contains a list of services the Library provides to the public or to the nation, also listed in alphabetical order.
Finally, the bottom of the page, spanning all three columns, is the “global footer,” which will begin appearing across all the main web pages.  It has links to the Library’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), links to subscribe to RSS or email lists, and other useful information.
Library Of Congress Via  LOC Blog


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