Cancer is not just one disease. It is a group of more than 100 different and distinctive diseases. Bringing together data, related to cancer, in an organized manner, is the task of ONCOWIKIA.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Google Rock, BING, YAHOO Suck

I created the Oncowikia blog yesterday and posted an article on Meddesktop regarding the inception of OncoWikia and OncoSemantic. Both sites related to upcoming sites of namesakes.
I just wanted to see how the leading search engines will see the sites. (Of course I had just registered and created the sites and I did not expect to see OncoWikia blog on search engines.) Google also helped me to find Cancer And You.
Google gave following results;
 Google managed to find the original article in a search for "oncowikia" followed by two spam sites who archive blogs or articles related to cancer.

 Bing managed to find a Spam site and only that.

Yahoo follows Bing, and it only found what Bing found, a spam site. You may say that my site is not important. Yes it may not be important to you, but search engines, are supposed to index and rank and if you only find spam sites, search engine fail.
Both Bing and Yahoo had it wrong about the search itself, both said they could not find "oncowikia" and only found "onco Wikia" but the results show, as you can see from above, "oncowikia".


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