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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cancer And You, Source For Cancer Related Keywords

 I was checking on ONCOWIKIA on search engines, I found that Cancer and You site listed just below my post on Meddesktop, ONCOWIKIA and ONCOSEMANTIC, Will Be Caring For Cancer. A little examination found that Cancer and you is very good at collecting keywords related to cancer on it's blog. It only selects right words and gets very high search engine visibility for cancer. The way the posts are made, looks like a spam site. The admin has installed the Semper Fi Web Design's "All In One SEO Pack", (By the way SFWD is a good resource for Wordpress related stuff and run by U.S. Combat Veterans.) Good idea for ONCOWIKIA blog, yes I like Wordpress better for SEO work than Blogger.
Last few entries visible on the blog are centered on Mesothelioma and since all those article sites are filled with posts about Mesothelioma, Cancer and you, is getting a good collection.
But if you are really looking for info Cancer and You.


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